Acer Aspire 5920 Running Slow. Fixed!

This Aspire 5920 was brought into our workshop as it was running very slow.

It had 2GB of DDR2 Ram and was full of rogue software such as MyPCBackup and PC Speed Up and other junk to numerous to mention.

Upon Windows starting we were bombarded by pop ups and .dll errors.

Sometimes you have to know when to not bother running virus scans or wasting your time trying to clean things up and go ahead with a complete factory restore.

As soon as the laptop is booting after the Bios screen hold Alt and press F10 a few times.  This launches the factory restore option.  Choose the advanced option to restore factory settings and after an hour or less you have a fresh copy of Windows installed.

After that has ran through, you will need to do a web search for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 as the factory installed version is SP1.  Install this immediately before doing any other updates.

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