Msi U180 Netbook Slow Or Freezing When Scrolling Through Gmail

Slow / Freezes When Scrolling Down E-mails in G-mail

The issues described by the customer were that the laptop was running very slowly and would freeze and hang when scrolling down web pages, ie in G-mail.

On inspection the net book was loaded with viruses and malware and programmes like Sparktrust, PC Performer and My PC Backup.

With the amount of viruses and junk the best thing to do was a Windows re-install.  On start-up keep pressing F3 to launch the built in recovery manager to bring the net book back to factory settings.

After that has completed you will need to install all the latest Windows Updates and software such as Adobe, Flash, a proper anti-virus such as MSE and also Java.  Try using for installing multiple programs to make it quicker and easier.


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