Sony Vaio VGN-A517M Not Booting Into Windows

The initial problem with this laptop was severe slow down.  It had not been the quickest of laptops for some time but adequate for the job at hand.

Over the course of a few weeks the slowness increased to the point where it was taking 5 minutes for Microsoft Word to open if at all and regular freezing.

Then one morning it would simply not boot into Windows anymore.

When it was brought in for repair we tested the hard drive, which was only an 80GB drive, for bad sectors with “Hard Drive Regenerator”.  Hundreds of bad sectors were discovered and that told us that it had to be replaced.

We backed up all of the customers data to our secure data tank by plugging the hard drive into an external hard drive caddy and into one of our computers via USB.

A new 250GB  hard drive was fitted into the Sony and we then proceeded with a re-install of Windows (XP Home Edition in this case).

After all the Windows updates and drivers had been loaded back on and with a secure anti-virus (Microsoft Security Essentials) we copied the customers data back on and that completed the job.  As good as new.


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